- The Importance of Petrography in Stone Processing

- The Importance of Stratigraphy in Quarry Management

- The Importance of Tectonics in Quarry Management

Natural Stone Quarry Technology

- Natural Stone Management

- Quarry Survey and R&D Methods 

- Innovative Methods in Quarry Production

- Innovations in Machinery and Technology in Stone Management


Natural Stone Processing Technology

- Machinery and Equipment, Information Technologies Applications 

- Stone; Cutting, Processing And Improvement

- Innovative Consumables in Stone Production

- Ornamental Stones, Design and Processing Techniques 

Stone: Economy, Finance And Legislation

- Natural Stone During the Pandemic

- International Natural Stone Economy and Market Dynamics

- Project and Finance Resources

- Legislative Issues in Natural Stone Geology, Processing and Management

- Marble and Natural Stone Fair Organization

- Occupational Health and Occupational Safety 

- Sectoral Training and Human Resources


Stone Protection, Maintenance And Restoration

- Natural Stone Site Applications and Restoration Techniques
- Natural Stone Maintenance and Repair 

-Environment: Remnants and Wastes

Taşın Tasarımı-Mimaride Taşın Anlamı ve Önemi en

- Natural Stone in Ancient History

- Stone and Historical Buildings

- Natural Stone and Geoarchaeology

- Geological and Cultural Heritage - Geo-Tourism

- Stone in Urban Area

- Sculpture and Mosaic from Past to Present

- Stone, Mosaic and Museology

- Mind of the Stone

-Socio-Cultural Meaning of the Stone 


Taşın Tasarımı-Mimaride Taşın Anlamı ve Önemi en

- The Place of Stone in Contemporary Architectural Design

- Use of Natural Stone in Architectural Projects

- Architectural Application: Assembly and Detail Production

- Park and Garden Design

- Stone and Industrial Product Design

- Stone and Interior Design

- Stone and Urban Design

- Stone and Architectural Design-Local Interpretations

- Stone and Kitchen Design

- Stone and Spa (Bath) Design